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Post  Maverick on Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:20 pm

Welcome again everyone to year three!

2010 was a fantastic year for the pound and we've definitely been through highs and lows.

We started up "E=MC Hammered" and joined the quest for Pub Stumper supremecy.

Our "Guelph Dogpound" EASHL team has been hot on the charts for over 3 months now after mixed reviews of the disbanded, "Flutie Flakes" squad.

Stephan and Keri broke up and got back together

Conor found his Puvin, then lost it.

Bruno's true love quest finally came to a crashing end, but is he really better for it?

Tim continues to be M.I.A. on these forums, perhaps year three will bring him around to it.

I finally realized how completely hopeless I am at Madden and how I will never go back to playing it regularly.

Also, my twitter page has been pretty hot lately so if I link to this forum we might get some more views.

Now that Arse and Greg are almost considered members, should we invite them to participate?

Let's get year 3 going with a bang and see if we can last longer than 2010's mark of June 8th.

Good luck to all, and happy posting!

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